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Hi there! I’m Ela Purnell.

I love colour. I love drawing. I love all things design, but my passion is for hand drawn artwork & typography.

In a world of ‘sameness’, I like to offer you something unique, something that cannot be
replicated by a computer. Whether it’s a company logo, a new ad campaign, a menu blackboard, or your wedding invitation, I can help you create something that is one-of-a-kind and memorable.

With over 25 years experience in the design business - from marketing material to full 3D retail fit-outs - the things that really excite me & evoke the 'wow' response, are the things that cannot be bought off the shelf.


True authenticity - when you can claim that you have something that no-one else on the planet possesses - is a wonderful & powerful thing.


I wish to make it available to people when starting their next project, or when decorating their spaces, with the added opportunity for them to personalise the theme around something that is meaningful to them and will evoke a positive emotional response every time they look at it.

I look forward to working with you.


“Ela has been the perfect fit within our marketing team at Affordable Scaffolding as we rebranded we gave a brief which was undertaken and delivered which has helped us out from website , billboard, vehicle branding and advertising in all the domains we have targeted .”


“I recently engaged Ela Purnell to custom design my company logo, business cards, flyers etc. Ela was extremely efficient and offered solutions to help fine tune my brand without making me feel like I was a difficult customer! I highly recommend Ela.”


“Ela’s art work is exquisite. 
We met her at the 2017 Auckland Homeshow while looking for decorating ideas for a new bed and breakfast in Maraetai. Ela’s gorgeous samples stood out in the small space she had. 
As soon as we had walls in our b&b gibbed, Ela popped over and discussed options for painting on one wall. 
She emailed through a couple of ideas for us to consider, and as soon as the unit was ready she completely transformed our space for us. We were left with the most unique amazing feature wall that pulled together all our colours and had everyone who walked into the unit saying ‘wow’!
I would absolutely recommend Ela Purnell Design to anyone who wants to transform a room or a house into something unique and fantastic. 
Our result was well worth the money we spent. I’m now considering which wall in my own house to get Ela to paint.”


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