Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is my project in safe hands, or are you an artist playing at being a graphic designer?

I am a fully qualified designer with over 25 years experience and knowledge across a wide range of branding, print, packaging, point-of-sale, signage and retail design projects. What makes me different is that I'm good at hand drawing stuff and creating assets from scratch - be it an illustration or typography. This gives me the ability to help clients achieve an authentic brand and look. I use the Adobe Creative suite and will provide the correct file format to the relevant trades and printers

2. What's the process?

I prefer to have an in-depth discussion & fact finding mission about the person's interests and taste in order to establish the artwork's size, colour, design and subject matter, etc. after which I would give you an estimate.


3. How long does it take?

Depending on the complexity of the artwork and my workload - you'll need to allow 2 to 3 weeks' time for me to complete custom artwork commissions.

4. What do you charge?

Projects are only priced after a consultation to establish the brief and the expected deliverables. Changes outside of the brief are charged at $75 per hour.