People are visual creatures and in a world of sameness, where we are bombarded by more images than ever before, it pays to be authentic and stand out from the crowd.

Whether it's your company logo, your next marketing campaign, something for your home, or a loved one - when you engage a hand lettering artist, every element is created from scratch and is as original as they come. There are no boring, overused fonts in sight, no stock standard clip art, no templates.

Hand Lettering continues to grow in popularity and is frequently used in Advertising, Branding, Apparel, the Hospitality Industry and other companies or individuals who value originality. 

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Having been in the design industry for the past 25 years, the things that really excite me & evoke the ‘wow’ response, are the things that cannot be bought off a shelf. True authenticity - when you can claim that you have something that no-one else on the planet possesses - is a wonderful & powerful thing. I wish to make it available to people when decorating their spaces, with the added opportunity for them to personalise the theme around something that is meaningful to them and will evoke a positive emotional response every time they look at it.
— Ela Purnell