Not an Oscar, but an award nonetheless...

Found a lovely surprise in my inbox this morning… customer service award from Houzz for my hand drawn bespoke feature walls.

A wedding gift...

For the lovely couple on their special day - 2 blackboards to help set the tone for their informal beach wedding.

It's a boy! (and he's 12)

A recent feature wall completed for the lovely Julian who's into tinkering - a future engineer or inventor possibly. The hand drawn lettering took all day, but it was well worth it given the response it got.

Sea views in Maraetai

What better to compliment a cold cocktail, than some stunning sea views? The amazing Sonya has just completed a stunning 2 bedroom apartment in. Mareatai. I did her kitchen splashback/feature wall for her to compliment the blue colour scheme she had chosen. (available on airbnb - check it out)

Bespoke Feature Wall Art

Some examples of custom, hand lettering art used on a feature wall and kitchen splashbacks. You can personalise it to say whatever you like and be assured that no-one will have anything like it.

My Stand at the Homeshow

Exhibiting my 'wares' to the general public for the first time with the focus on Hand Lettering used on bespoke feature walls. The response was very positive and I really enjoyed the event despite the long hours.

A lot of people are wanting artwork for glass kitchen splash backs and there were feature walls requested for a few B&B's. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the application of custom artwork for your home. Looking forward to doing feature walls for the competition winner's future, wheelchair friendly guesthouse.

Spreading the 'Love'

Had these two beauties printed & framed for the upcoming show. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. The plan is to have some of my hand lettering artwork for sale as digital downloads in the near future. Nothing wrong with spreading a little LOVE.

Another Sample Panel Complete

A more fun design for the 'man cave' with a few illustrations thrown into the mix. I can think of a few men who wouldn't mind a it of 'brew themed' hand lettering applied to their corner of the house.

Home Show Panels in the Making

So... I've taken a bold leap & have booked a stand on the Auckland Home Show in order to promote my hand drawn feature wall services which ranges from hand lettering to full colour hand drawn 'wall paper' patterns - all of which are done by hand & applied directly onto your wall.

I'm in the process of making some panels to try and show the various options available, but I already have more ideas than panels. The sky is the limit!

Hand Lettered Feature Wall

I was recently inspired to try my hand at hand lettering a feature wall in my semi-refurbished dining room. Originally I was only going to paint it a darker colour and leave it at that, but inspiration struck and my (very) patient husband was happy to let me loose on it. I felt brave & didn't do any measuring or guideline markings - I just went for it... and I must say: I am quite pleased with the end result. The new round mirror that I found on sale certainly helps, but the hand lettering sets it apart for me.

It can potentially translate well to customised nursery walls with baby's name & date of birth, or even family rooms & kitchens - the possibilities are endless.

Headquarters in the making

The beginnings of the creative headquarters are miles from perfection at this stage, but I am grateful for the space and will hopefully be in a position real soon to upgrade. The first major furniture purchase was the 3 low bookcases & the chair followed soon thereafter. The stool was proving to be too much of a (literal) pain in the neck.

Hello World

What a ride this is going to be! I have made the move out of my 9-5 salaried comfort zone and have saddled up the beautiful horse called 'Freelancing'. The 'paycheck frog' has now turned into the 'business owner princess'. I am soooo excited to be setting out on this journey - it is difficult to properly phrase the mix of emotions that are associated with stepping off the proverbial cliff - fear and exhilaration are currently at the top of the list. 

Anyhoo... Welcome to my world. Pleased to meet you.