I’m a graphic designer, specialising in hand drawn lettering and custom artwork. What does that mean? It means that I draw things by hand where required to give it a more unique, hand crafted look. I also happen to have a passion for drawing on walls (something I used to get hidings for) My bespoke feature walls are fully customised to your chosen subject matter and colour requirements.


People are visual creatures and in a world of sameness, where we are bombarded by more images than ever before, it pays to be authentic and stand out from the crowd. Why would you choose ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions when you can have something 100% unique?

Whether it's your company logo, your next marketing campaign, something for your home, or a loved one - when you engage a hand lettering artist, every element is created from scratch and is as original as they come. There are no boring, overused fonts in sight, no stock standard clip art, no templates.

Hand Lettering continues to grow in popularity and is frequently used in Advertising, Branding, Apparel, the Hospitality Industry and other companies or individuals who value originality. 

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Ela’s art work is exquisite.
We met her at the 2017 Auckland Homeshow while looking for decorating ideas for a new bed and breakfast in Maraetai. Ela’s gorgeous samples stood out in the small space she had.
As soon as we had walls in our b&b gibbed, Ela popped over and discussed options for painting on one wall.
She emailed through a couple of ideas for us to consider, and as soon as the unit was ready she completely transformed our space for us. We were left with the most unique amazing feature wall that pulled together all our colours and had everyone who walked into the unit saying ‘wow’!
I would absolutely recommend Ela Purnell Design to anyone who wants to transform a room or a house into something unique and fantastic.
Our result was well worth the money we spent. I’m now considering which wall in my own house to get Ela to paint.
— Sonya McCulloch